Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Steps

I am new to this site and really new to blogging. Came here checking in on various Writin Wombats' blogs and realized that I signed on as a member many moons ago. Seemed like a good time to take this first step into the world of blogging.

These days there are so many sites for writers and for readers. I am excited to see them. What writer isn't a reader? If you don't read you'll be unable to write well. Reading is where we learn to hear others' voices, to find what we like, what we don't like and ultimately, to find our own voice.

I remember the first time I heard my own voice say in a small whisper, "Maybe I can write a story like this, too." And so I did. I wrote the story of a little girl lost, when I was nine. Somewhere in the wasteland that was my childhood I lost that story as I lost so many other things. The story remains unfinished because as I went further into it, I got lost. I didn't know enough yet, to finish to my own satisfaction.

Later, I wrote poetry for class assignments, reports for school and even started a story or two, but I lacked instruction, encouragement and advanced skill, so I set it all away. Later, after marriage I tried again and began stories only to run out of gas. And so it went. Life has a way of getting in the way when you are not sure of your goal. Raising children, being in a marriage, working ... all these things can sidetrack you when you don't have a map. I lacked a map, a focus and so I was lost again, for a while.

But, now I know where I am going. I have some education behind me. I have some experience behind me. I have family and friends behind me. So, it is time. Time for me to step up. To take pen in hand and say what I have to say. To say it as well as I can. To strive to give out whatever I hold in my soul, hoping to touch a person or two. But, mostly, to fulfill that early urge, to do 'that' too. To tell my stories. And so it goes. namaste